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Being a mom is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. Aside from taking charge of the growth and development of their children, mothers carry a lot of responsibilities in the household. Mothers experience a lot of pressure that often times lead them to feel doubtful and critical about themselves. 

PLDT Home tackles these parenting concerns in new video series, showcasing the real stories of parents who continue to conquer parenting fears and the struggles of parent guilt especially in this pandemic. Inspired by the series, other celebrity moms took to social media to speak up on their own concerns, learning to embrace their unique parenting styles. 

Mother of four and wife to chef Luigi Muhlach, Patty Muhlach admitted that raising children in a pandemic is a major challenge despite genuinely enjoying each other’s company and being happy most of the time.

 “Our days are not always as rosy as this. We also have our worst days as a couple/family. Luigi and I had to work hard on self-improvement and our marriage. [Our struggles] made us stronger and closer,” she said.

It’s also important, Patty said, that parents acknowledge that “there is no roadmap when it comes to parenting especially during [a] pandemic.”

“At the end of the day, I think it is about having fun and loving each other,” she claimed.

The same is true for Mikka Padua who admitted that her biggest takeaway from last year is “having to adjust my expectations.”

“I had to recalibrate the standards I set for myself, my daughter, and my family. [But this] doesn’t mean lowering our expectations, it only means resetting our daily expectations to a more doable amount,” said the mother of Mischka and founder of curated lifestyle platform, Seek the Uniq.

Being a new mother during a pandemic is scary and for style and travel blogger Camille Co, the realities of postpartum depression made it more challenging.

Watch Camille Co’s #NoMomLikeYou video here

“I’m fully aware of postpartum depression. It’s something a lot of people are talking about but I feel like we are not showing this more. So even though you know in your head it’s possible to have postpartum depression, that it’s possible to feel sad about what you’re doing, it’s possible to feel bad about yourself as a mom, it doesn’t really feel real because people just talk about it but they don’t really show it,” she said.

As a new mother to newborn Sienna, Camille’s experience with postpartum depression made her braver as she learns to prioritize what really matters. “I feel like my priorities have shifted to not entirely just focusing on my baby but to make room for my baby. Don’t forget to do things for yourself because when you’re happy, the baby is happy and when you give love to yourself, then you’re also able to give more love to your baby,” she added.

And loving yourself as a person and as a parent meant accepting that you can make mistakes and it’s okay to have flaws because according to DJ and radio host Andi Manzano-Reyes, “Even if you think you have a lot of baggage, or you have a lot of flaws, in the eyes of your kids, you’re perfect.”

Watch Andi Manzano-Reyes’ #NoMomLikeYou video here

Andi admitted that she always set such a high standard for herself as a mom and along the way, the mother of Olivia and Amelia realized that she needed to accept herself just as she is.

“One piece of advice I’d probably tell myself is: you’re doing great,” she said.

The same realization is what model and entrepreneur Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez discovered: it’s okay if things don’t work out because what’s important is that kids “see the generous manner, connection, and exchange happening in the family.”

“[Children] are aware parents aren’t perfect beings and mistakes are episodes to pick up wisdom and humor from. We can just start over,” Tweetie explained.

The constant reminder to not be too hard on yourself as a parent has likewise helped journalist Marie Lozano navigate parenting on social media.

Watch Marie Lozano’s #NoMomLikeYou video here

“There’s just too much noise, too much opinion about parenthood right now. People felt like they had the right to comment asking me about being a mother or asking me about my past relationship. What’s important is living a life that’s real. You don’t have to please anybody,” she said.

Reminding herself that what’s important is that she's giving her 100% as a mom and as a friend to 13-year-old Nikos is not only more than enough--it’s everything.

“I love him unconditionally, better is not necessarily the best. Another parent could be a better parent but I’m the best for him because I’m willing to do anything and willing to try,” Marie said.

In the end, Patty, Mikka, Tweetie, Andi, Camille, and Marie may be in different stages of parenting and may have different parenting experiences but one thing they all agree on is that every parent that gives everything and loves their children is the best parent.

“There has never been a time like this and there has never been a mom like you,” they declared.

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