Thursday, September 2, 2021


Naalala ko bumibili ako madalas ng Ovaltinees before tapos pinapapak ko din yung Ovaltine. Fast forward today, bagong flavor na sya ng DQ. Yum!

If you ask a hundred people what taste from childhood they remember most, Ovaltine is bound to come up eventually. And you can’t blame them! Who could forget the unique taste of chocolate and malt that has become synonymous with this iconic drink?

Now you can experience a childhood favorite like never before with the new Ovaltine Blizzard of the Month Fest! With seven new offerings to choose from, you'll get to relive those childhood days any way you want!

First are three new Blizzard flavors, starting with the Oval-cano Blizzard. Prepare for an overloaded burst of flavor with rich vanilla soft serve, Ovaltine malt flakes, and chocolate topping coming together for a dreamy dessert that will surely take you back to the good old days. Joining the mix is the Mocha Ovaltine Blizzard. Give in to sinful swirls of creamy vanilla soft serve infused with Ovaltine malt flakes, chocolate topping, and coffee concentrate. If you want to add some fruity flair to the Ovaltine that you know and love, go with the Berry Ovaltine Blizzard, made with vanilla soft serve, Ovaltine malt flakes, and strawberry topping. Price starts at P69.

You can also try the new Ovaltine Parfait—a serving of rich and creamy vanilla soft serve generously garnished with coffee concentrate and mini marshmallows, and then topped with whipped cream and chocolate topping, starting at P129.

For a thirst-quenching treat, there is the new Ovaltine Milk Shake, priced starting at P119. Take a sip of this creamy concoction made of rich vanilla soft serve blended with Ovaltine malt flakes, chocolate topping, and milk, and finished with whipped topping.

Enjoy a cold dessert like no other with the new Ovaltine Blizzard Cake, available in 8- and 6-inch cakes, priced starting at P899 and P649, respectively. Munch on 100-percent ice cream cake made with rich vanilla soft serve, cold fudge, cake crunch, chocolate toppings, and Ovaltine malt flakes, topped with whipped cream and Ovaltine Crunchy Pop.

And finally, there is the new Ovaltine Blizzard To-Go Tin Cake, priced starting at P399. Indulge at your own pace with a delectable cake made with vanilla soft serve resting on a crushed Oreo base, made even more heavenly with Ovaltine malt flakes, mini marshmallows, and chocolate coating dip. This comes in a reusable tin container, so you can pace yourself as you savor this decadent treat.

The Ovaltine Blizzard of the Month Fest is available from August 24 to October 4, 2021 only, so order now! Satisfy your Dairy Queen cravings by visiting a branch near you or by ordering through the 8911-1111 hotline,, or official delivery partners GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pickaroo.

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