Tuesday, September 7, 2021


We may be in a challenging situation, dagdagan mo pa if you have chikitings and bagets that are in need of milk as their food supplement, but because of our current state - pandemic/quarantine, ang hirap nga naman lumabas at bumili kahit essentials. Pero kapag wala kang choice you'll compromise para sa mga anak natin, d ba? Kaya I'm so happy to share with you that buying milk, especially Abbott products are now easier and more convenient, thanks to Shopee. I love that they're 100% authentic, and at least have 6 months to expiry. 

And oh, I have some good news for you! Shop at Abbott official store this 9.9 Super Shopping Day for products to keep you healthy and strong. 

Pediasure Plus Ready to Drink Choco 110ML x 4 For KidsAbove 3 Years Old

  • Number 1 Child Nutrition Supplement in the Philippines
  • Nutritional supplement powder drink clinically proven to provide a hard-to-feed child optimal nutrition for healthy growth, development and immunity
  • A glass of PediaSure Plus provides complete and balanced nutrition.
  • It contains macronutrients and micronutrients needed for a child to stay healthy and well-nourished. 
  • PediaSure Plus helps provide 100% of daily Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI).
  • Pediasure Plus has 2-in-1 synbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics FOS clinically proven to reduce Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs) by 45% and is associated with fewer sick days. 
  • The only complete, balanced nutrition with Triple Protein Complex , Dual Carbohydrate Blend, and Unique Fat Blend and MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) 
  • Can be used as a nutritional supplement with or between meals 
  • Gluten and Lactose-Free

Kaya mga mamsh, don't forget to take advantage of the Shopee's 9.9 Super Shopping Day for products to keep you healthy and strong. 

No Shopee app yet? Don't forget to download via Google Play or IOS and enjoy a seamless, convenient shopping at your comfort anytime, anywhere.

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