Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Discover the joy of total wellbeing

The challenges brought about by the pandemic impacted more than our physical health— it affected us emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially, too. As we head into 2022, we must assess every aspect of our wellbeing. We need to can take action towards living our healthiest life.

Learn how you can do that on December 18 via “Be the Stronger, Better You in 2022: A Physical, Mental and Emotional, Social and Financial Wellbeing Workshop.” The virtual workshop—from 9 am to 12 nn—aims to share the importance and benefits of taking care of your total wellbeing. Register here:

Hosted by Miss Philippines Water 2012 and health and fitness advocate Samantha Purvor, it features informative sessions from experts on the 4 Pillars of Health and Total Wellbeing. Plus, you can get to win special prizes like iPad, Garmin watches, a year-long Viu subscription, or vouchers for Healthy Options!

Physical wellbeing

This pillar recognizes that our daily habits and behaviors impact our overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life. In the session led by fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret, participants will learn how being good to yourself can help develop your physical wellbeing. Coach Jim and Toni will even share some exercises that can help boost energy and make you feel good all day long. 

Emotional and mental wellbeing

This pillar helps people think, feel, and act in ways that create a positive impact on their overall state. Guidance Director of FEU Manila and registered psychologist Dr. Shiela Marie “Shake” Hocson will lead this session. It aims to enhance our inner strength through mental and emotional wellbeing. Amid all the digital noise of our everyday life, it is important to develop emotional and mental wellbeing to become more resilient.

Financial wellbeing

This pillar is about enabling people to have control over their financial future. Led by Stock Smarts CEO and personal financial consultant Marvin Germo, this session will look at how financial preparedness can help ease anxiety. Proper financial planning can help eliminate unnecessary worries and let you focus on the more important things in life.

FWD Life Insurance Chief Agency Officer Jun Marasigan will also be on hand to share how FWD can help prepare and protect your future.

Social wellbeing

This pillar is about social health, or the ability of individuals to form healthy and rewarding interpersonal relationships with their community and environment. Physicians Dr. Hanna Palomar and Dr. Kathryn Tan will share about how building good relationships that warm the heart can bring us joy.

The event will also feature a session on holistic health and wellbeing with TOWNS (The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service) and TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men) awardee Dr. Ging Zamora. Dr. Zamora will talk about how caring for ourselves holistically can help us get the best out of life and celebrate it.

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