Thursday, September 22, 2022

pH Care brings their #ShareTheCare Conversation Closer to Filipinas

For the past year, the no. 1 feminine care brand pH Care and education technology platform have made it easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable to learn about the taboo topic of vaginal health and hygiene. The launch of their interactive #ShareTheCare allowed a yet-growing number of young women to learn and discuss about feminine care, as well as find a group of like-minded individuals with the same questions as them.

This year, the #ShareTheCare partnership brings education to where Filipinas are, where women of all ages can understand more about their feminine area, maximize self-care and share knowledge and facts about feminine hygiene in person.

Hosted by vlogger and host Janina Vela, pH Care Share The Care Day was held last September 9 in the TriNoma Activity Center, where members of the media, select influencers and members of university publications and student organizations all around the country were invited to take part in talks that center around feminine hygiene, experience interactive event stations that highlight the #ShareTheCare message, consult with gynecologists on the topic of vaginal health, and meet members of the community who may have a thing or two to share about their own feminine care concerns.

Janina was joined by two influencers considered to be “big sisters” by their massive online communities, to share their own feminine care questions and highlight why it’s important to ask questions on vaginal health and seek answers from a well-meaning, expert-backed community: Shaira Diaz, an actress and video creator known for her relatable content, and Jen Barangan, a TikTok creator and Youtuber who is known to share her journey from being a flight attendant to carving her own career path. Diaz, Barangan, and Vela, had an insightful girl talk which consisted of them playing a game of Never Have I Ever and discussing relatable situations related to feminine care such as being ill-equipped with the topic at a young age due to discussions regarding feminine care being considered embarrassing and taboo. With this, the three expressed their excitement over the pH Care and Edukasyon.PH partnership and how this would allow young Filipinas to become more aware of proper feminine care.

The three were also joined by Ms. Fabrienne Calipara, founder and clinical director of Fully Psych Mental Health Services, to guide guests on understanding adolescence and why it’s important for young Filipinas to go through their feminine health journey with the proper information and guidance. Lastly, they were also joined by Grace Benedicto, pH Care’s Assistant Brand Manager and Grace David, Edukasyon.PH’s Chief Executive Officer, who shed light on the partnership’s advocacy of educating Filipinas on proper feminine health care.

Through the Share the Care in-person event, pH Care hopes to bring the conversation of feminine care from the digital realm to the spheres of communication within offline friendships, relationships, classrooms and families, where vaginal health becomes an openly-discussed and well-informed topic instead of a taboo subject that is placed on the sidelines or kept secret. This way, more and more young women become open to the ways in which they can care for their intimate area, as well as be equipped with the products they need to approach their feminine areas with better hygiene and the best confidence. As David mentioned, “We just don’t want feminine health to be a topic, we want it to be comfortable topic for every Filipina.”

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