Thursday, September 22, 2022

Reach Out and Melt Someone’s Heart with the Goodness of Cadbury Dairy Milk

Filipinos are genuinely kind and generous, but due to their differences, it’s easier for them to do nothing, detach themselves, and build barriers around each other. However, Cadbury Dairy Milk wishes to inspire Filipinos to reach out and share meaningful moments with others through its smooth & creamy chocolate goodness. Cadbury believes true generosity lies in this act of reaching out and showing a little softness in order to make goodness happen.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is the #1 chocolate brand in the Philippines in modern trade and supermarkets. It’s a familiar name that evokes warm and soft feelings of deliciousness and generosity.

 Chocolate: Delicious and Inspiring

The brand found that chocolate and indulgent snacks’ roles in people’s lives have changed since 2020. According to the State of Snacking Report, 74% of people shared they can’t live without chocolate. What’s more, snacks like chocolate are no longer consumed just for their taste – although that does play a big factor. In fact, snacks help improve consumers’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Consumers say there are snacks for nourishment, and then equally as important are snacks that are just for enjoyment and satisfaction. Additionally, 8 out of 10 people don’t want to sacrifice on flavor when looking for indulgent snacks. People want snacks that uplift their mood, taste great and help them feel better.

These insights are from the 2021 State of Snacking Report commissioned by Cadbury Dairy Milk’s parent company Mondelēz International and compiled by the Harris Poll and Next Atlas. The report highlights the expanding role that snacking plays in the lives of consumers and inspires the Company to continue to deliver the right snack, at the right time, made the right way.

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Goodness that Melts your Heart

With this understanding of consumers’ needs for snacking, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched a new campaign last August 2022 in line with the brand’s goal to inspire goodness in Filipinos. Supported by a lighthearted and poignant TVC, the brand aims to remind Filipinos that the unselfish act of kindness and generosity in reaching out makes both them and the other person feel good, as inspired by the softness and deliciousness of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Photo from Nicko Sia

Together with this new campaign, the brand is releasing new and limited-edition decorative sleeves to adorn its various chocolate variants. They don’t only look good but also encourage consumers to reach out and melt someone’s heart by sharing a delicious chocolate bar with their loved ones. As a bonus for e-shoppers, Cadbury Dairy Milk has an exclusive free tote with every minimum purchase of Php 500 of any Mondelēz participating products on Shopee and Lazada! Check it out and check out today on Lazada and Shopee.

“Chocolate, like Cadbury Dairy Milk has come to mean so much more to people, especially in light of the past two years of the pandemic,” shares Raf Baradas, Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Manager. “In the face of such confusion and hardness in the world, we seek familiar, simple and yet comforting things to help us reach out and make something good happen. We want to expand the role of our brand from being something you enjoy, to something you share to create enjoyment for others. After all, we could all benefit from a little generosity, a little softness and a little chocolate in our days and Cadbury Dairy Milk is here to support that.”  

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