Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit Diary: Natural Light

top: The Landmark | pants: Shopaholic | shoes: Parisian oxfords | bag: Forever 21

Here's what I wore at The Voice event (read here). Thanks Ana for taking these pictures! 1st time ko ata na nature ang peg, haha! Super love the natural light! Medyo shy ako at first whenever my dadaan na tao (obvious ba sa smile? hehe). Thanks to Ana & the quick click of the cam. hahaha! :)))

Anyhoo, how are you, by the way? I know it's been raining non-stop for the past two days here in the Philippines. Hope all of you are fine! 

Keep safe & stay dry loves! mwah! :) 



A N A G O N said...

looking great! :) and yes, iba talaga pag natural light, although iwas sa tao heheh ;)

Aya said...

Blooming tayo ah :D

Michelle said...

I love the shoes you're wearing!!! :D

sugar sugar said...

nahihiya ka pa nyan? :) LOL! don't be noh! basta if you want to take pictures GOOO! ^_^

your outfit is so cute and it looks very comfy. :D

Shopgirl Jen said...

@anagon: so true@ next time mag ootd na ako sa labas :) mwah!

@aya: ehem.. uhm dati pa kaya! haha! *kilig :D

@mitch: i love them too! :)

@sugar: d ba obvious na shy pa ako dito? lol! thanks girl! mwah! :)