Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bloggers Meet-Up

Last Monday while some of you spent their long weekend going out-of-town, some fashion & beauty bloggers decided to meet up in Trinoma! This was not a spur of the moment meet up, I tell ya! Sobrang preparasyon to! I think it took 2 weeks (or more) in the making para lang mag meet ang sched! Haha! Thanks to Gel for arranging the meet up! Mwaaaaaahhh to you!!! :))) I'm glad almost all of the girls were able to come kahit malakas ang ulan.

Anyway, we spent our afternoon hanging out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (kasi my wifi, hehe). Here are some of our pics! :)

meet the ladies from l-r: 

I brought Sofi with me! Thank you girls for playing with her and for answering her never ending WHY's! hahaha!! :D Anyhoo, Gel made this pakulo of exchanged gift (parang Christmas party lang, hehe). I exchanged gift with Gel & I got NYC red lippy! Yay! And I gave her Simply Pretty by Avon Lipgloss. After Coffee Bean, while some of the girls had to leave, the rest went shopping! We ended the night by having dinner. 

It was a fun filled day indeed! I learned a lot from these girls. And my admiration goes to all of them!  Visit and follow their blogs! I’m sure you’ll learn something new and you will love them too! :)

Wanna join us loves? We're thinking of more "pakulo" soon! So follow us on twitter! :)



Angel said...

Awww... I was at SM North last Saturday to pick up our wedding invitations... huhuhu... could have met beautiful peeps... TT___TT

MissGennD said...

Yeah more pakulo for everyone to enjoy our meet ups! Speaking of, what's our pakulo this fri/sat? Hihihi~ 'Twas fun meeting you and Sofi!

Aya said...

haha ano kaya ang mga pakulo na ito :P