Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Outfit Diary: Mommy & Sofi

top: Little Ones from SM
skirt: Little Ones from SM
boots: Sugarkids from SM

top: Greenhills
denim shorts: Greenhills
bag: Forever 21
accessories: SM Accessories
shoes: thrifted

Match ba kami ng outfit ni Sofi? hehe! She really loves dressing up. Sometimes I let her decide what she would like to wear whenever we go out. I just gave her options :) Matchy matchy kasi sya minsan, haha! :) 

Anyhoo, this is what I wore last bloggers meet up (read here). I know one outfit photo of me & madami kay Sofi, haha! :D Ganon talaga :P I found my perfect lace-up booties! I couldn't be happier. Been looking for this in my size for the longest time. I'm glad I found them! I've been using them non-stop.Yay!! :)

It's been raining again in the metro. Keep safe & stay dry pinoy loves! mwah! :)



MissGennD said...

Sofi stole the limelight from Mommy Jen~ Pero pareho naman gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

haha ang cuuute nyo! pang miss-universe ang pose ni sofi doll! love!

Anonymous said...

Galing pumose ni Sofi! :D

Ano shoe size mo Ate Jen? :D

Aya said...

Haha! pumoposing! :D At tinuruan nya ko mag-"freeze" ah. With matching posing din. Hahaha

Wonder Woman said...

She's so cuuute! How old is she? I hope my daughter is all kikay and girly when she grows up, too. :)

Pammy said...

The fashionista daughter and mom tandem! :P

Gellie Abogado said...

sofi is so pretty! make her a separate blog na jen. hehe. youngest fashion blogger! :)

Kaisensei said...

panalo comment mo Gel! hahahaha! Si Sofi nagaral yan. Sofi watches Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, and other fashion shows with Mommy Fashionista Jen and the rest of her kikay and fashyon fashion aunties! (ahem.. meaning me. haha!) anyway Love your outfits both!

Also, Sofi's boots reminds me of the day when Sofi first saw a pair of boots and pointed to it and said TITA KAI? (haha kasi lagi nya ako nakikitaan nakasuot ng boots) LOL!