Thursday, August 25, 2011

Outfit Diary: Light Tower

Walang patawad sa pag pose khit may kausap sa cellphone haha! :D

Trying hard to flip my hair!

Wheeeeepppp!! Fail ba? hahaha :D

top: miss essentials
pants: shopaholic
shoes: clogs by filigiarina

These photos were taken at Centris along Edsa, Q. Ave. Sarap mag photo shoot dito esp. at night kasi walang tumitingin na tao haha! Aside from that, don't you love the tower light effect? parang spaceship hehe :D Wanna come back here for more outfit shots :P

Anyway, how are you guys? How's your week so far?

I was with Sofi earlier inside a mall and we were approached by a casting agent inviting Sofi for a vtr. Actually, it's our 4th time to be approached by a casting agent. What do you think? Should we go? hehe :)

It's TGIF again tom! Time flies so fast na talaga.. it's ber month na next week! Yay! :)

Any plans for the weekend? Share!! mwah!



Anonymous said...

I love Centris! :) it's such a cozy place. :) And yes fail ang pagflip ng hair!! HAHA.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm going to the Lancome beauty workshop at MOA this weekend. :) So excited!