Friday, September 30, 2011

Outfit Diary: Can't wait for October

It's been awhile since I posted Sofi's outfit diary! I hope you like them hehe :D We were outside already when we noticed that we have the same color purple top haha! :P Most of the time lagi kaming terno ni Sofi & most of the time unintentional sya and I dunno why! Si Sofi pa minsan ang nakakapansin hehe :D

top: Bazaar
belt: SM Department Store
jeans: Greenhills
shoes: SM Parisian

Paired my ripped jeans with oxfords to give an androgynous effect. Whatchatink? Hope i pulled it off! hehe :D Sofi took this outfit photo kaya medyo tilt ang stand ko. She's having a hard time daw taking a full body photo kasi haha! :D

Speaking of Sofi, October is just around the corner.. tomorrow to be exact. And I am excited for it because 1. It's Sofi's birth month & 2. I'll be having a Birthday Giveaway! Yay!! Can't wait! Hope you are excited as well! :)

Anyway, I went to the 2nd Mega Brands Sale yesterday at the Megatrade Hall (read here). And favorite brands like Manels, Levis, Vans are giving away HUGE discounts! Our favorite make- up online store, the Digital Traincase is also there! Don't forget to drop by, ok? And enjoy the big discount! It's up to this Sunday only! :)

Enjoy your weekend loves! Keep safe! 



Aya said...

So cute Sofi! :D

belle said...

ang cute naman ni Sofi...and would have loved to see a photo of you two together. Matchy outfits are the cutest.

MissGennD said...

I so much agree! Sofi the future fashion blogger~ =) IMY Sofi! And Jen of course! See yah on friday! <3

Shopgirl Jen said...

@aya: errrmmm... ganon talaga pag cute ang mommy, cute din si baby ahihi!

@belle: haha! cge, one of this days! :)

@genn: we mishu too! yep, see you later! :)