Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kultura Filipino: Crafts for a Cause

Like what I blogged here and here, I had the opportunity to attend the Kultura Filipino event held at SM Makati. The place was so full of Christmas decors and crafts! The moment I entered the venue, feel na feel mo na ang Christmas! Not to mention Christmas music playing in the background! :)

Cute pouches!

Gotta love their accessories! 

Yummy dried mangoes!

Have you tried this already? What does it taste like? Must try this soon! :)

Since it was a brunch event, they served crackers, bread, cupcake, cheese dip and a whole lot more! :)

It was my 2nd time to meet Kei & Angel! I'm so happy to bond with them again (and mas matagal pa), since the last time I saw them was our food trip at IL Mercanti!

My first time naman to meet Myrted! (grabbed this pic from your blog, btw! hehe)

I'm so glad to see Ana and Dianne again and have a picture with them :)

Chic Ladies at brunch time! haha! :)

Don't forget to visit Kultura Filipino and check out those Christmas decors and perfect gift items!

Thank you Kultura Filipino for inviting me! :)

And oh, Biker Jeans by Boutique Nayeli giveaway is still ongoing! Check HERE!

Have a happy and blessed week loves! mwah!!



Arnie Villanueva said...

Yiee kilig ako may group photo tayo for finale! Hahaha good to see you in the previous events, Jen! Looking forward for more. ♥


Sweethestia said...

I love kultura filipina products. may quality talaga siya.