Birthday Girl!

by - Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let me dedicate this blogpost today to my birthday girl, Sofi! As we reminisced last night (on how I gave birth to her), we were amazed on how time flies so fast! Ang laki na ng baby ko! And ayaw nyang magpatawag ng baby kasi little girl na daw sya haha! :D But we told her that kahit 47 years old na sya, she will always be our baby! :)))

She told me one day that she wants to be like me.. a fashion blogger! haha! 

Ang cute!!

She fell down :( She was running kasi. Scraped her knee. Lesson: No running and rushing hehe :D

We really thank God everyday because He gave us a smart (mana sa akin), pretty (mana sa akin), witty (mana ULET sa akin) and very mabait (MANA sa akin), very thoughtful (manang mana sa akin), talented (mana sa akin) na daughter! Haha! But seriously,  I give daddy the credit for being sweet ni Sofi (mana sa kanya) & talented! :D 

I know when you're old enough to use the internet, you'll follow my blog and read this, Sofi! Hahaha! :D We love you so much & I can't wait to share my clothes, bags & shoes with you! Don't worry, I'll reserve the good ones! :))) 

And lastly, thank you Sofi for not giving mommy & daddy a hard time in raising you up. You're very eager to listen & obedient. We are so blessed!

We pray and declare God's favor and blessings, good health, happiness, protection be upon you! We love you so much babe! <3 Hugs & kisses!! :)


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