Friday, August 17, 2012

Food Trip: Share Tea

Another milk tea in town. Yay! Yes, I was bitten by milk tea craze since last year. Tried every milk tea shop that I could find. 
While my family and I were in SM Megamall, I had a sudden craving for rock salt and cheese (alam na! hehe) after our dinner. Hubby told me na may bagong milk tea and I should try it since he tried it many times na. My cousin also told me that I should try it kasi masarap sya and not expensive. Anyway,  it was almost 10pm at that time (saturday-late closing) kaya I doubted if may maabutan pa kami.

Well, thanks to ShareTea staff, they still accommodated us. Maybe siguro hubby told them na it will be my first time to try, hehe :P

By the way, Share Tea is located at Cyberzone, 4th floor. Good thing they have sits. While your hubby or bf roam around the gadgets area, pwede ka ng tumambay sa Share Tea and drink away, hehe :D

**Share Tea was established in Taiwan in 1992 and has since expanded to over 180 stores worldwide, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Macau, NY United States, Dubai UAE, Brunei, and is still expanding rapidly due to high demand.

Share Tea is most loved for its classic pearl milk tea drinks as well as for other specialty drinks like rock-salt cheese drinks, natural fruit t
eas, and handmade taro with fresh milk, which are all exclusive at Share Tea.

More importantly, all Share Tea beverages are made from the finest ingredients that are 100% fresh, natural, and healthy. With NO preservatives, any artificial flavoring or coloring added, each cup is filled with vitamins and all-natural antioxidants to give you delicious drinks that are 100% authentic and healthy. Natural quality tea leaves are freshly-brewed and real fruits are freshly-squeezed in making Share Tea beverages to ensure the best quality and freshness of each drink. It is truly the more you drink, the healthier you become!

Took photos of their menu. If your budget is tight and you're craving for milk tea, I suggest you go straight to Share Tea. Every flavor you want is there! :)

Taiwan Classic Milk Teas
Natural Fruit Teas
Rock Salt Cheese Cream Beverages
Yakult Drinks
Freshly Brewed Teas
Ice Cream Floats
Ice Blended Series
Fresh Milk Drinks

Regular average price is php60 and Large is for only php115. Not bad, right? :)

I like everything except this. It's a small knife to slice the top plastic of your drink to insert straw. I think this is unnecessary. Dangerous pa kasi you can take this home. Maybe good thing na naka plastic sya but I guess as a mom, I don't think this is needed. What do you think?

I ordered Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa. They served it extra cold so it was yummy and it really satisfied my rock salt and cheese milk tea cravings. Woohoo! :))

Yep, Share Tea staff let us hang out for awhile. Yay! :))

Aside from SM Megamall branch, you can visit Share Tea's other branches:
Wilson Greenhills
D'Ace Plaza Pasig

Like them on Facebook for more updates! :)

Anyhoo, it's a long weekend. Why not give them a visit? Especially at their SM Megamall branch. Since, SM Megamall will also celebrate 3day Mega Food Sale starting today until Sunday!

**From their Facebook page
*all pictures from me
Disclaimer: Food Trip of Shopgirl Jen is not sponsored. This is not a food review. It's simply sharing my experience/fondness/love for food :))

Happy long weekend! :)

Shopgirl Jen


Unknown said...

They have Rock Salt Cheese din? Yum! Mahanap nga sya dito sa SG. =)

Unknown said...

Parang naaadik na rin ako sa milk tea ah... Wanna' get some later!

Badet said...

I first tried Share Tea in HK. There were long lines there too. =)

earthlingorgeous said...

sweet haven't tried them yet mejo low tolerance ko sa long lines eh hahaha! but will try when I'm in the area! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi shopgirl! The mini knife is not to cut a hole for the straw but actually to cut a small line for you to get a sip through it :) they say its better to drin it that way! :D I suggest you go for the unsealed cup next time! :)

Thanks and more power to your blog!

tatess said...

I love tea and I might like Share tea restaurant. I hope I;m in the Philippines to get the taste of it.

The Purple Doll said...

This is so timely! :D I'll be in Megamall today for the Mega Food Sale. Might as well try ShareTea out while I'm there.. ^^

The Mommy Roves said...

bet ko din ang share tea mother :) so yummy!!!

The Bargain Doll

It'sBeryllicious said...

i agree.. unnecessary na ung small knife.. have yet to try Share Tea :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Ooh!! :) Sounds so interesting and yummy, Mommy Jen! Bongga yan. Gotta try that MT place soon! ♥ Miss youuu!

Arnie Villanueva

Unknown said...

i was just in megamall a while ago! oh boy. i would love to try their drinks.. next week maybe ;) thanks for sharing this!

YANI said...

Cheers! Whenever my and my beau are at SHARE TEA we never forget to indulge ourselves with Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa. The best!

CrescentFire said...

I used to be so 'addicted' to milk tea, but I think I've overgrown it already :)) Still, I'd often get cravings for it, so I'll try to check this out. :)