Outfit Diary: Teal, Silver and Colorful

by - Friday, September 28, 2012

dress: Thrifted
accessories: Random
bag: For Me
shoes: So Fab!

Here's what I wore when I attended the Lolita event last week. Thank you Paul of PaulthePRGuy for inviting me. :)  
This dress is one of my fave finds. And yes, it's thrifted! Yay!! :)) Love the ruched design and the color of this dress. What do you think? Used my teal bag from For Me and throw in some few silver accessories.

Thanks to Sam and Hazel for the 1st two pic of my outfit! It was nice seeing you two at the event. More bonding sesh again soon please :)

Before I end this post, something happened that night that I still can't believe it...

I won a phone from the raffle!! haha! :D If you can still remember, I won an Alcatel phone from the Alcatel event were Paul invited me last July. Tapos ngayon naman, I won this Nokia Asha 305 from the Lolita event, and yes, were Paul invited me again. Hahaha!! Ang kulet noh? We were outside having our photo booth session with Kira, Kai and Krissy (wow, 3 K's! hehe), when Kai heard my name na tinatawag ako. When I went to the stage, d ko pa alam anong napanalunan ko dahil windang pa :P

To some people maliit lang ito. Pero ang saya lang ng feeling kasi it's not everyday na manalo ka. Among the names that they can pick sa raffle, name ko pa. Everyday I always declare blessing over me and my family. May it be material or physical. :) I'm just super thankful that He is always faithful. We just need to have a positive outlook in life despite of. :)) 

Spreading good vibes to all of you! Cheers! :)

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