Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Share Your Child’s Song with ‘Tang Galing sa Karoling’

Christmas, being a time of merry-making and holiday performances, is particularly special to us Filipinos. “Karoling,” specifically, becomes a simple but meaningful way for people to make everybody’s holidays a bit more colorful.

From the busiest streets to the quietest neighborhoods, one can’t help but see things a bit more vibrant. In spite of the cool breeze, you can feel a little warmer inside when children’s joyful voices are blending together as one, cheerily carrying the Christmas spirit through the air. 

This holiday season, Tang Philippines seeks to spread Christmas cheer all over the country through the magic of ”karoling”—made possible by you and your kids! You can share the Christmas color and let the power of your child’s voice be heard, together with thousands of other karolers via the “Tang Galing sa Karoling” microsite and free mobile app (available for Android users since and coming soon for Apple users).

Of this cheerful initiative, JR Miranda, Senior Brand Manager of Tang Philippines, said, “Children, specifically, have the ability to make everybody’s holidays more vibrant when they share their voices in a round of Christmas ‘karols.’ That’s why we are empowering you and your children to take on a more active role in spreading joy to more people, anytime and anywhere, through the power of digital connectivity.”

“Christmas after all is about kids. So this project celebrates it in a grand way—with and through kids,” Miranda added.

Tang has been refreshing kids and moms for many years. It’s a perfect brand to create a more colorful Christmas because of its refreshing, delicious and colorful 10 flavors. Each one a perfect pair to any Christmas dish or Noche Buena meal. Thus, Tang seeks to extend the color it brings from the table to the rest of the world with its new campaign “Ang Kulay ng Pasko.”

In line with this campaign, the “Tang Galing sa Karoling” microsite and free mobile app allows parents like you to share your children’s talents to the rest of the world by singing a Christmas karol.

You can upload video recordings of your children’s performances of popular Christmas songs, karaoke-style! Lyrics, pre-recorded music, and additional sound effects are provided to enhance your child’s singing experience. Children can also get creative with their submitted “karol” by putting a different spin on the song, or performing their own unique rendition.

Not only that, “the videos can also be used as greetings to family, friends, loved ones, and/or anyone you think would appreciate an extra dose of Christmas joy, since at the end of each video recording, there is time for you to say a Christmas greeting or message to your loved ones then send and share,” Miranda added.

At the end of the promotion, selected voices will be compiled to create a virtual karoling choir video. Your child can be part of this grand effort, doing his or her part in making Christmas more colorful all around the world.

For more information on “Tang Galing sa Karoling” and for performance submissions, please visit

Happy Karoling!! :))

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