Friday, June 20, 2014

Herbal Essences! Say Yes to a Scentual Pleasure

I used Herbal Essences shampoo when I was in college and it was an instant fave shampoo of my family up until we couldn't find them anymore in the market. And now, a few years later, Herbal Essences is back! More vibrant, shinier, and bolder!

When I attended the Herbal Essences media launch comeback a week ago at 71 Gramercy, their tagline/hashtag caught my eye. Herbal Essences made a provocative and scentsual comeback with a stimulating and exciting event. Heralding the return of Herbal Essences is its bold campaign to encourage the pursuit of shameless pleasures. After all, there is no shame in seeking things that make one deliriously happy.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration with a fusion of orchid and coconut milk

Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight with a scent of honeysuckle and silk

The return of Herbal Essences was marked with an event that had attention-grabbing, thought-provoking monologues about unapologetically admitting and seeking one’s own definition of shameless pleasure. The segment, Shameless Talk, featured two of the most colorful, candid personalities in the social scene—actress/host Kat Alano and writer Erika Paredes. The two talked about their most shameless pleasures, and how women should be empowered to openly chase after what pleasures them. 

Highlight of the event is the playful reveal of TV host/celebrity blogger Divine Lee as the brand ambassador of Herbal Essences. Hot on the heels of appearing in a video where Divine was revealed as the woman behind the moans overheard at a coffee shop, gym, yoga studio and shower room, she gamely confessed her very own shameless pleasure.

“I love taking a shower with Herbal Essences lalo na after a very long day. Sobrang scentsual! When I’m in the shower, I look forward to the refreshing scent of the shampoo. Sarap na sarap ako sa shower experience,” Divine candidly admitted.

And look at that dress! Very similar to Kendall Jenner, minus the thigh super high slit. I think only Ms. Divine Lee can pull that dress off. And she looks shameless on it!

Playful, smart, vibrant and a go-getter as evidenced by her blog and podcast escapades, Divine Lee flawlessly embodies Herbal Essences’ naughty but nice character. She encourages women to pursue their desires and go after life’s shameless pleasures.

Divine could have easily chosen to be a lady of leisure but has decided to make it on her own, assert her personality and unapologetically chase after what pleases her. She initially took a corporate role before pursuing a career in modeling and made a star-making turn on social media as a fashion and gay icon. 

Divine takes pride in and celebrates her reputation as a “babaeng bakla” – fun, spirited and naughty – headlining the hit podcast Becky Nights and expressing herself on Twitter while sharing her hilarious takes on anything under the sun through her blog She’s also very open in declaring her affections for her boyfriend, actor Victor Basa.

Procter & Gamble Philippines decided on Divine Lee as brand ambassador as she epitomizes what Herbal Essences stands for: the female go-getter who’s naughty and nice, playful, adventure-seeking and unafraid to chase after what she wants. 

“Divine Lee is the made-for-Herbal Essences woman. She is deliberate and bold in the decisions she has made both in her professional and personal life. Divine demonstrates how to want pleasure and act on it. She’s charmingly unapologetic about her pursuit of pleasure. She is a perfect fit for Herbal Essences which makes even the most ordinary act of showering pleasurable and rapturous,” says Pepe Torres, country marketing manager for hair care of P&G.

Inspired by the shameless confessions, the guests were encouraged to share their shameless pleasures publicly. Guests were treated to various pleasurable activities such as having their pictures taken at the naughty and sensual Shameless Shower photo booth, sampling deliciously sinful food selections and exciting admissions onstage about their shameless pleasures. The whole event area was suffused with a natural fragrance to highlight the refreshing scent Herbal Essences gives off, resulting in a scentsual shower experience.

Enjoyed the fun event with Kai

So whether it’s singing along to a teenybopper pop song, stalking someone online or a shower experience which turns out to be the most pleasurable highlight of your day, we encourage you to go ahead and say YES, YES, YES to shameless and scentsual pleasures. 

Take it from Divine Lee, and try the all new Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. 

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Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner are now available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide!

What pleasures you that you’re reluctant to admit? No need to be ashamed—confess! Say Yes, Yes, Yes to a Scentsual Pleasure!

This is my confession.. Uhm.. haha! One of my shameless pleasures is going to the grocery store especially SnR and trying out all their freebies of sample food! Oh yeah! Haha! 

So, what's yours?

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Yes!Yes! I love this shampoo! I love the smell and the effect it has on my hair.Adee wants to use this coz its pink.