Saturday, September 27, 2014

BabylissPRO Miracurl Product Launch

It's amazing how one hair tool can change your whole look! That's what happened to me when I attended the Babyliss Pro event held at Marriot Hotel. And I know a lot of girls would love to have this hair tool. I want one too! Badly! Sarap lang mag experiment with your looks especially if you have the right products or tools! 

I know you've been seeing a lot of BabylissPro Miracurl or any Babyliss products being sold out in some online shops and online shopping websites. But did you know that some of them are not authentic or don't have the license to sell these products?

But let me share with you some points on how to detect a true and original BabylissPro Miracurl.

Original vs Fake. Can you tell the difference? 

These are the signs to look out for in purchasing the BabylissPRO Miracurl:
- BabylissPRO Miracurl is ONLY available in black color. If you saw them in any colors, beware! They're fake!
- If the product is advertised as "dual voltage", this is not a genuine product. Each one of their versions has one single voltage only. BabylissPRO Miracurl Philippine version is 220V. It's information is featured on the appliance and under the packaging. 
- It is important to check out the plugs too. The BabylissPRO Miracurl has a 3 rectangular blades in a rectangular pattern. 

And so let's continue with my beautification story. :)) Truth is, I'm just a wash and dry kind of girl. I wash my hair and dry it in front of the fan. Medyo tamad lang. haha! :D Ayoko na kasi ng hassle especially when I'm going out. So, curling my hair or using any hair equipment is out of the question unless someone's gonna do it for me. hehe.

So, when I attended the BabylissPRO Miracurl event, I was beyond thrilled when they asked me if they can curl my hair using the Miracurl. I've never curled my hair using Miracurl so curious ako. I only use flat iron lang.

And what's so great about Miracurl? It is the World's Most Smart Hair Tool:
Self - Just with one click for various wave
Safe - Unique ceramic curl chamber and audio beep indicator bring the safety when using
Smart - Professional Settings of 3 heat and timer settings and 3 curl direction control for various wave hair styling
Speed - Take 8 seconds only to form a beautiful free-flowing curl
Shine - Unique ceramic curl chamber for smooth and shiny curl creation

BabylissPRO Miracurl Features:
Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions to effortlessly form the curl;
3 heat settings (190°C, 210°C & 230°C) for long lasting results;
3 timer settings(0 sec (auto), 8 sec., 10 sec. & 12 sec.) with audio beep indicator for different curl effects;
3 curl direction control (right / left / auto) for various wave hair styling;

And these are the 3 steps in using the Miracurl:
1. Select a section of hair no more than 1.5” wide, hold the curl close to the top of the section, with the ceramic curl chamber facing towards the head;
2. Close handles, hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber;
3. Hold until 4 beeps signal the curl is ready.  Open to release the MiraCurl.

And TA-DAH!!!! How do I look? Super loved the result!!!! It's the curliest hair na nagawa ko for my hair. Awesomesauce, right? And it's so easy to use too! Perfect for people on the go! 

And also during the event, they held a hair styling contest using the BabylissPRO Miracurl. 

3rd place

2nd place

Blogger's choice winner and grand winner

Mommy Bloggers represent

BabylissPRO other products

Included BabylissPRO Miracurl in my wishlist. And oh, It's Php9,995. If you want to have one, shoot me an email so I can give you 20% discount! :)

Thank you so much Babyliss for having me! I really had a fun afternoon experimenting with my hair. :)

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