Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Since my baby Isha turned 7 months last month she becomes active and super likot that it's getting harder for me to put her diaper. She doesn't want to lie down and she keeps on standing up. Lol! :D I was planning to buy her a diaper pants to make it easier for us na pasuotin sa kanya.

Good thing I was introduced to Super Twins Baby Pants when I attended the launch of the Escueta family held at Oriental Palace, QC. 

Hands-on parents, Jolina and Mark Escueta welcome the changes in their son's life, Pele, now that he is 3 years old. And like any other parents, they're just simply amazed that Pele is growing up before their very eyes.

"Dati he usually plays in one place pero ngayon takbo na sya nang takbo, talon nang talon. So kung before he wears super twins premium baby diapers, ngayong lumalaki na sya and with his more active behavior, Pele now uses the new super twins easy wear baby pants." Momshie Jolens reveals.

Ms. Aileen Chpi-Go, VP for Marketing of Megasoft Hygienic Products Inc., is grateful to the Escuetas for being the face of the Super Twins brand for two years now.

The new Super Twins Easy Wear Pants' leak control channel quickly absorbs and draws away wetness from skin to avoid irritation. The liquid lock layers lock away liquid to prevent leaks while the cottony soft top sheet keeps baby cool and dry to minimize diaper rash.

So happy to learn so many things about Momshie Jolens and how she is as a mother to Pele. And yaaaay for our picture together! I rarely have pics with the stars but d ko palalampasin na wala kaming pic ni Momshie Jolina. Lol!

Congratulations Escueta Family for being the face of Super Twins Easy Wear Baby Pants two years in a row!

Heard so many good things about the Super Twins Baby Pants that I can't wait for Isha to try them.

To know more stories of the Escueta family and #AlagangTeamSuperTwins, follow them on Instagram @megasoft_ph and like them on Facebook @supertwinsbabydiaper.

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