Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Our favorite langhap-sarap goodness can still be enjoyed wherever we are especially now that their delivery number is easy to memorize, thanks to Ms. Sarah Geronimo's latest Jollibee delivery single. Yep, we (Sofi and I) are LSS to the tune of #87000 Jollibee Delivery. Lol! :D

Sofi and I had a privileged to attend the #87000 Facebook Live performance held at 55 Events Place, QC as Jollibee and Sarah Geronimo set a new trend by letting audiences at the venue (attended by her loyal Popsters) and at home participate with Q and A, challenges and fun activities.

Aside from being Jollibee endorser, Sarah Geronimo admitted that she really is a fan of Jollibee. Some of her favorites are jolly spaghetti, chickenjoy, peach mango pie, jolly hotdog, among others. And oh, we had Jollibee treats delivered to us at the venue! Yaaaay!

They even taught us their dance moves of #87000 Jollibee Delivery. Fun!

Added to the excitement was seeing and hearing Sarah Geronimo performed live! What a treat!

Even Jollibee enjoyed Sarah G.'s performances. :)

Sofi wished to have her pic taken with Sarah. But unfortunately, we were not able to. (Sorry, babe). But this momma still wants Sofi to be happy hence the (far-away) selfie, haha! :D

We can now have our favorite Jollibee anytime, anywhere by dialing #87000. Yep, it's the official nationwide express delivery hotline.

For Jollibee's latest news and updates, follow them at www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines.

Thank you Jollibee for having us. We had a blast!

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