Saturday, January 13, 2018


I started blogging around 2011 when I thought people would want to check my outfit of the day. Lol! I started fashion blogging and actively attended fashion events. But when I started getting invites for lifestyle and mommy since I sometimes bring Sofi with me, and the perks that I'm getting (let's be honest), I decided to shift my focus from fashion blogging to mommy and lifestyle blog. And I know I made the right decision. Along my discovery of being a lifestyle and mommy blogger, I got an invite from Lani Llyuch of Mommy Bloggers Philippines if I'm interested in joining the group. And why not?! I only know a few mommy bloggers that time and I thinks it's a great opportunity to know more mommy bloggers and hopefully to be friends with them. And if I'm not mistaken the recent Christmas party that we had is our 4th. Only once na d ako nakaattend because I just had Isha last 2016. And I'm so proud and grateful for the opportunities this group has given me.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas party was held at The Vanilla Cupcake and Bakery along Mother Ignacia. I had fun seeing all mommies in one place. Happily chatting face to face, lol! Being a mommy blogger is no joke since we have responsibilities to attend to, errands to take care of and family that needs our attention. So it's freshing to see these warriors in one place, putting a face behind the keyboard and having the best afternoon with the company of awesome mommies. It was great seeing familiar faces but also meeting new mommies as well.

And of course, our hearts were grateful for the support and love from these brands. Thank you for sponsoring our get-together.

Thank you to Pampers Philippines who supported and made our intimate get together possible!

Our generous sponsors, Stratworks, Hotel Jen, Prettify, Lab46, Tailored with Love, Tiny Buds, Masflex, Nido 3+, Lorem Ipsum, Sanicare, Mirakel, Del Monte, Sanch Prints, Sweet Treats by Aci, Gree, Liese Blaune, Perceptions Inc gave their support, giving us giveaways and prizes.



Hotel Jen




Tiny Buds

Nido 3+

Del Monte


Tailored with Love

Lorem Ipsum


Sanch Prints

Sweet Treats by Aci Girl


Liese Blaune

Perceptions Inc

(Photos from Kath Rivera of

My heart is full getting to know these mommies who became my friends offline. Love you all. Hehe!

Thank you Kath for this photo! Us with Mommy Bloggers Philippines Lani, Joy and Louisa.

Thank you MBP for including me in your campaign and projects. Cheers to more opportunities this 2018!

To everyone who made our annual Christmas party a success, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cheers to all mommies! We are awesome!

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