Wednesday, February 28, 2018


In the last couple of years, I've been blogging and sharing about Pampers. From Sofi to Isha, Pampers is the only trusted brand I've used for my babies' bum - hehe. But seriously, Pampers has been my constant partner since day 1 of motherhood. Diapers is ther first clothing our baby would wear and it's important to be meticuolos in choosing the right diaper. I've tried a few brands but only Pampers is hiyang with Isha, and we've been using it to her for 16 months.

What I love about Pampers is the promised of no leak for 12 hour period. Isha can sleep comfortably in the wee hours at night without me worrying because it locks up to 99.9% wetness for dry skin.

A few weekends ago, Pampers invited us as they introduced Toni Gonzaga and her son Seve as the new brand endorsers during the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair held at the Megatrade Hall.

I can say Toni Gonzaga was my preggy batchmate, hehe. She gave birth to Seve a few months earlier than me, and I kept tabs of her mommy journey thru instagram.

Seve proudly showed off her bellybutton. Kyottt!

Of course to support her mag-ina, Paul Soriano was also present at the launch.

Good news! Pampers has announced that they will be releasing a new and improved Pampers Baby Dry. Stay tuned for more updates.

Congratulations Toni and Seve for being the new ambassadors for Pampers!

Learn more about the #1 selling diaper worldwide and its latest news here on the blog soon.

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