Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Show Stopper

It is that time once again for Awards show. That means its Red Carpet Season. here are my favorite dresses at the Grammy's Red Carpet:

jada smith in '70s-inspired Amanda Wakeley frock and perfectly teased 'fro.

Crystal Bowersox aka American Idol winner's goddess gown were perfect, but her dirty-looking dreadlocks detracted from her overall look.

Heidi Klum

Jennifer Hudson- She is so THIN!!! I want!! hehe :)

Juliene Hough aka Ryan Seacrest's gf


Katy Perry-she looked so divine

Kelly Osbourne

Lea Michele

Miley Cyrus -finally! perfect Red Carpet outfit for her.

Naya Rivera

Nicole Kidman

Selma Blair

Selena Gomez

And here are some of my not favorite:



Hayley Williams of Paramore

Tia Carrere- i like the color except there's a dead animal hanging over her shoulder

 And here's the most outrageous entrance:

Guess who is inside this so-called Egg???? Lady Gaga! who else? eggciting! NOT! hahaha :D



wow gorgeous girls and their gorgeous gowns!! beautiful!! <3

Smolder Me said...

agree with you on the not so fab gowns! actually lots of disappointing gown during that night...but J.lo was a fave of mine..wish kasing sexy ko sya! haha! =) thanks to follow...follow you back! xoxo Cheryl

Hazel☺ said...

i agree with most of your list, especially sa NOT part :)) i watched the grammy's kanina, and i noticed that rihanna was having a hard time with her outfit.. she was caught on cam always fixing her dress :|


Shopgirl Jen said...

@thrift fashionista: yep! they are indeed beautiful! :)

@Smolder Me: i think all of us wish na kasing sexy natin si JLO, hehe :) no problem. im just new here and i stumbled upon your blog. thank u for following too :)

@hazel: well, that was awkward. she was like a snowball or something :D