Friday, August 12, 2011

Outfit Diary: Happy (as a) Lemon

Can you spot Tin of hehe :D

 Rainbow Bright ang peg ng hair do ni Sofi LOL! 

with Laura- Kai's sister

with my equally pretty sister, Jordy 

Went to Greenhills on a saturday & hang out at Happy Lemon Promenade to unwind. Wow! Ang haba ng pila nila, but it was worth the wait after I tasted their Cocoa Rock Salt Cheese. Yummmeeehhh!!(craving for one right now as i type this :D) My hubby & sister ordered Coffee RCS. Note: If you like strong coffee, order that one. 

Here's what I wore: Hindi naman kami masyadong terno ni Happy Lemon haha :D

top: The Landmark
shorts: Greenhills
shoes: Greenhills

Have you tasted Happy Lemon? What do you recommend? Feel free to share loves! :)



Unknown said...

HAHAHA! ate jen, love it! :-)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

aww cute sofi!! and love your top, jen! ooh happy lemon cravings now!!

sugar sugar said...

love sofi's hair! she's soooo cute!



Unknown said...

I've never tried Happy Lemon. Is it really as good as I people tell me? :))

Sofi's so cute!

Anonymous said...

WAAAHHH!!! I MISS HAPPY LEMON!!!! AND HELLO NON-BLOGGER!!!! Hahahaha!! Miss you guys!!! <3

Unknown said...

cute cute ni sofiii!!

Shopgirl Jen said...

@tin: hehe :D thanks!

@ava: thank you ava! craving for happy lemon NOW! :)

@sugar: aawww.. thanks! let's meet & happy lemon na tayo! :P

@mimi: oh yes! cocoa with rock salt & chees rocks!! hehe :D thanks for finding sofi cute!

@honey: i told your non blogger friend na u said hi, tumawa lang ng malakas hahaha! we miss you too!

@tatie: ehem.. cute ang mommy e haha! mwah! :)

Anonymous said...

my fave is lemon yakult! :) try it!! :)