Outfit Diary: Happy (as a) Lemon

Friday, August 12, 2011

Can you spot Tin of http://ohhthat.blogspot.com/? hehe :D

 Rainbow Bright ang peg ng hair do ni Sofi LOL! 

with Laura- Kai's sister

with my equally pretty sister, Jordy 

Went to Greenhills on a saturday & hang out at Happy Lemon Promenade to unwind. Wow! Ang haba ng pila nila, but it was worth the wait after I tasted their Cocoa Rock Salt Cheese. Yummmeeehhh!!(craving for one right now as i type this :D) My hubby & sister ordered Coffee RCS. Note: If you like strong coffee, order that one. 

Here's what I wore: Hindi naman kami masyadong terno ni Happy Lemon haha :D

top: The Landmark
shorts: Greenhills
shoes: Greenhills

Have you tasted Happy Lemon? What do you recommend? Feel free to share loves! :)


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