Friday, September 23, 2011

Grand Opening: Converse Eastwood

Last saturday, right after the Blogapalooza event (read here), Kai & I rushed to Eastwood to witness the grand opening of Converse branch. The branch may look so small on the outside, but upon entering the store, racks & racks of Converse shoes, bags, clothes & accessories will greet you.

This shoes caught our attention! It's a clear/plastic sneakers! Sooooo cute!!! :)  I want a pair!!

I love the designs!! :)

And you may take home a Free Tote Bag courtesy of Converse for every 2K single receipt purchase! You still have a few days left, So HURRY!!! 

Converse also invited us for dinner at Blue Onion and we met some bloggers there as well. I looked so haggard na.. sorry about that! haha :D 

I also won a raffle and took home this pink jogging pants! YAY! Tamang tama because I'm planning to use the 360 GC I got form Blogapalooza! Double YAY!! Hi to exercise! haha! :)

Thank you also Converse for this cute sneakers! It's a bit too big for me but I gave it to my sister and she was so happy! (the joy of having me as a sister! hehe).

Whenever you are in Eastwood (Location is near Blue Onion), don't forget to drop by Converse, ok? You may also visit any Converse branch near you! For more updates, please Like their Facebook Fanpage! :)

Thank you again Converse & to Ms. Jennifer for inviting us! :)

So, it's weekend again loves! Any plans? Feel free to share! :)



sugar sugar said...

the plastic pair FTW! :D congrats on winning sis! ang cute naman nun pink jogging pants. :)

Anonymous said...

galing congrats on winning! love the pink jugging pants!!

Myrted said...

Love converse shoes!!! :D I agree with sugar, the plastic pair is absolutely stunning. :)

Btw, I tagged you to an award sis! Love ur blog. Muah.

SunnyToast said...

Great event and congrats for winning:)