Friday, August 24, 2012

Outfit Diary: Can't help it

the blue ribbon bracelet is a diy of Tin. Cute noh? :))

top: Greenhills

blazer: c/o Kashieca
pants: Forever 21
accessories: c/o Ohhthatbytin || Girlshoppe
bag: c/o Freeway
shoes: People Are People

Again, partnered a polka dot design with color red :)) Can't help it! hehe! :D Super love the sleeves of my blazer. The polka dot design added some spunk to a plain blazer. The moment I saw this at Kashieca, I knew I had to get one. 

I've been abusing my Freeway bag for weeks now, haha! It's just too cute!  It already earned a lot of compliments. Yay!

And if you noticed it, I change my bangs style too. I'm not yet sure anong style ba ang gusto ko, full bangs or side swept bangs. What do you think? Help!! :))

Have a great Friday! :)

Shopgirl Jen


Aya said...

side-swept bangs! :D


Loving your shoes and blazer! ♥

The Purple Doll said...

I love your blazers and shoes mommy Jen!!! <3 Anyway, I'm digging your side-swept bangs too~ ;)

MrsMartinez | said...

I adore the shoes! I wonder if you can wear it for long hours.


Kath Rivera said...

Love everything! Miss ko na kayoooooo! Hehehe :))) Now I have an idea what to do with tons of blazer galing sa closet ni mother na ukay queen. Di ko na alam pano i mix and match sa sobrang dami. Yung mama ko kasi ang hilig bumile ng damit tapos itatago lang.

Arnie Villanueva said...

OMGGG Mommy Jen!!! Ganda ganda mo sa new hair style mooo ♥ Really love the side swept bangs, plus bonggang outfitey! Bet ang mga outfit shots mo in this post. MISS YOU PO!!

Arnie Villanueva

Lady Patchy said...

I like the high heeled shoes and your Freeway bag. Your outfit diary is a good idea.

k@ye said...

Ooohh...pretty shoes! Dun kaagad napunta tingin ko. I want one too! lol! Well, I vote for side swept bangs... bagay sayo. :)


Franc Ramon said...

The outfit and the hairstyle looks good on you.

Pepper Tan said...

Side-swept bangs wins my vote as well :)
Oh, I love everything about your look, from head to toe! And that bag! I want one like that too. Yes, I love the blazer too. It's something I can wear to work, without looking too formal.

Gellie Abogado said...

The bag totally rocks!

Side swept! It gives you the "dalaga" effect :P

The Mommy Roves said...

jen love ko blazer mo! :) love the baangs too! looking so great <3

CrescentFire said...

Simple get-up but chic! I love the blazer the most :>